Thankyou for getting as far as first sentence.

I dedicate it to MrMillitantNegro whose writing insures me & Ed Cooper who listens…

Who God bless.. No man shall curse❤️

I talk with all and anyone on Twitter ,I am passionate about Palestine ,animal cruelty and do what I can.

i think people think I’m a bit potty although in truth I am it keeps me sane but most are friendly!

I follow the daily hell that Black People suffer in America but I am reluctant to commentimage Iimage.

The reason ?After a very long relationship I have 3 mixed race children.

I empathise with awful incidents in Baltimore NY Ferguson but I was roundly soundly told off as not understanding issues ,true I thought I don’t !

these cities are how London Birmingham etc were in 70s/80’s my blossoming into adulthood took me to London to train as a nurse ,inevitably I met a black Rasta DJ for that my family cast me out and his accepted neither me nor my children even now.. All over the world lives are ruined unnecessarily by prejudices.

thats why I am a Rastafarian a simple ital way of life based on peace love and community with our voices heard via cultural reggae music… To be Rasta you can be of any colour,race or creed.

Just live in peace our colours ❤️For the blood of the slaves 💚from the land we were taken from💛for the sun on our backs .. imageThese colours have morphed into peace & one love symbols …

Twitter educates me daily on the good the bad and the evil I always think world needs a hero!


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